Frequently Asked Questions

I don't homeschool my child. Can I still use the curriculum?

Of course! The Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriculum is designed for in home personal use whether you homeschool your child or just want your child to learn to sew. Right now, during COVID-19, the curriculum is a great way to keep your child learning and creating.

I don't sew. Can my child still learn to sew with the curriculum?

YES! The Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriculum starts from the basics and builds upon each sewing concept so your child will have a fun and rewarding experience learning to sew. In fact, the curriculum is so easy, you too can learn right along with your child.

Does each child need their own curriculum?

Yes, the curriculum is considered a consumable project. Starting with the Sewing Basic Workbook, your child will complete worksheets, sewing activities, assemble flashcards and more. After completing the Sewing Basics Workbook, your child will start their clothing and craft workbook and continue sewing "SEW" many fun projects.

How long does the curriculum take to complete?

The Sewing Basics Workbook has 19 fun filled lessons (15 minutes - 1 hour lessons/activities). In addition to the Sewing Basics Workbook, each additional workbook level has approximately 24-36 one hour lessons. Lesson are spent make fun projects. See the Curriculum

What projects are in the workbooks?

After completing the Sewing Basics Workbook, your child is ready to start another workbook. Each workbook includes easy clothing and craft projects to help your child learn to master the sewing skills learned in the Sewing Basics Workbook. Each project has been carefully selected and designed to provide the essential skills needed to gain a solid sewing foundation. You can view the individual projects in the product descriptions. See Curriculum

Does my child need a sewing machine?

Your child will need access to a sewing machine to learn to sew with the curriculum. If your child does not have access to a sewing machine, here is a great blog posts for selecting a child-friendly sewing machine. Many sewing machines may be purchased online and shipped directly to your home.

Can I use the curriculum to teach my grandchild to sew?

Yes you can! Your grandchild will enjoy learning to sew with the Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriuclum. Your grandchild will learn the basics or sewing (which is their foundation for success) while completing fun activities and projects. You, as the grandparent will enjoy teaching in a very effective and easy way. The curriculum is a wonderful way to enjoy making those memories together.

Do you offer any hand sewing projects?

Yes, we offer some fun hand sewing projects for kids. Although the hand sewing projects are not part of the actual curriculum, they are a great supplement to the curriculum. Kids will enjoy making the hand sewing projects for themselves or for their friends. There is creative fun in every stitch. No sewing machine is needed to make the hand sewing projects.