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Want to start a sewing business teaching kids to sew?

Sewing Teachers

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Kids Can Sew company specializes in curriculum for business owners who profit from teaching kids to sew.

Learn To Sew Kids company provides curriculum for homeschoolers and at home learners.
For personal use only.

A Sewing Curriculum: The Easy Way to Teach Kids to Sew Clothing

Currently, here at Learn To Sew Kids, our curriculum is for personal use only and is not for commercial or business use. That's why we recommend Kids Can Sew Company to provide a curriculum that is intended for teaching classes in a commercial/business setting. 

What type of Sewing Teacher are YOU?

  • I'm thinking about starting a business teaching kids to sew

  • I want to start a business teaching kids to sew

  • ​I want to add kids sewing classes to my existing business

  • I am looking for easy clothing patterns to use in my kids sewing classes 

If any of the above describe what you are looking for, we recommend the Kids Can Sew Curriculum for teaching kids to sew in a business setting. You can purchase patterns exclusively for business use through Kids Can Sew. 

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