Homeschool Sewing Curriculum

Our Learn To Sew Units include lesson plans that will help your child learn the exciting art of sewing. Our Learn To Sew Units are interactive and will help your child learn to sew starting with the basics. Our curriculum is written with kids in mind and presented in an engaging way. The unit lesson plans contain colorful flashcards and fun sewing exercises to help your child learn the essentials of sewing.

Application Sewing Projects

Application Sewing Projects are additional sewing project patterns your child can sew to help reinforce the skills and concepts learned in each Unit. Application sewing projects offer fun colorful illustrations, easy patterns, and a sewing experience your child will love.

Start sewing with our Learn To Sew Units today! 

If you don't have sewing experience, you can join in on the fun. You can learn right along with your child. 

Our fun and easy Learn To Sew Units and Application Projects are located in our SHOP.

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