Teach Your Child To Sew

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Do You Want Your Child To Learn To Sew?

You have come to the right place! Our fun and interactive sewing curriculum will get your child sewing on a sewing machine in no time. The Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriculum will walk your child through the basic fundamentals of sewing in a fun and educational way.  

Learning at Home is FUN!

Even if YOU don't know how to sew, your child can learn to sew using the Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriculum. Learn To Sew Kids takes your child on an exciting sewing journey through fun and interactive workbooks and sewing projects. Since the curriculum starts with the basics, you too can join in on the fun and learn along side your child. Learn To Sew Kids also offers fun hand sewing projects to supplement the curriculum.
Where Do I Start?
Your child will learn to sew by completing the Learn To Sew Kids Curriculum workbooks. The curriculum comes complete with additional online resources, activities, field trips, and fun sewing exercised so your child will enjoy the experience of learning to sew. 

Girls Ages 6+

Boys Ages 6+

Teens Ages 11+


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