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Sewing Curriculum
Girls, Boys, & Teens ages 6-18

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Teach Your Child to Sew

Kids Learn To Sew Clothing on a Sewing Machine

Easy kids sewing patterns make learning to sew lots of fun.Your child will learn to sew by completing the Learn To Sew Kids Curriculum workbooks in a fun and creative way. The curriculum comes complete with additional online resources, activities, field trips, and fun sewing exercises so your child will enjoy the experience of learning to sew. 

Curriculum Includes

  • Sewing Basics Workbook

  • Curriculum Workbook

  • Parent Guide

  • Patterns & Instructions

  • Access to Online Resources

  • Access to Printables

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Benefits of Learning to Sew

Full of

Helps with
Math Skills

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Helps with Problem Solving

Helps with Reading

Learn To Sew Kids Creativity
Learn To Sew Kids Math Skills
Learn To Sew Kids Hand Eye Coordination
Learn To Sew Kids Problem Solving
Learn To Sew Kids Reading

Builds Self Confidence

Learn To Sew Kids Confidence

Why Kids Are Loving Learn To Sew Kids

Customer Review Learn To Sew Kids

I’m glad that I took this sewing course because now I can make projects without needing the help of anyone else, most of the time. The workbooks have really helped me understand sewing concepts.


Age 14

Customer Review Learn To Sew Kids

I love sewing because it is fun. Sewing on the machine is my favorite part. I like cutting out the fabric too. My favorite things to make are stuffed animals.


Age 7

Teaching your own child to sew with the Learn To Sew Kids Curriculum does not require any prior sewing knowledge for the parent or the child. The Curriculum is a complete sewing curriculum starting with the very basics.