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Essential Sewing Supplies for the Beginner Sewist

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Learn To Sew Kids helps you learn the essential sewing supplies you will need to start your sewing journey.
Essential Sewing Supplies - Learn To Sew Kids

The options for sewing supplies are endless! Don't get overwhelmed. Start simple and with the basics. From there you can add supplies as you gain experience and confidence.

Here is a list of the basic needed supplies to get you started.

- Sewing machine (more info can be found here)

- Extra sewing machine needles (more info can be found here)

- Quilting pins (they are longer and easier for small hands to use)

- Pin cushion or pin magnet

- Seam gauge

- Seam ripper

- Fabric scissors

- Small scissors for cutting threads

- Ruler

- Soft measuring tape

- Chalk or fabric marking pen

- Large safety pin

- Hand needle

- Appropriate thread for the project

- Appropriate fabric for the project

Here is a list of other supplies that are fun to have on hand but are not essential unless your project requires it.

- Elastic (3/4" and 3/8" are my favorites)

- Velcro

- Assorted buttons

- Felt

- ribbon

This should get your started. Always check the required supply list on your project or pattern before starting your project.

As always, have fun learning, sewing, and creating!


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