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What to Look for in a Quality Sewing Teacher

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Find A Quality Sewing Teacher - Learn To Sew Kids

If you are looking to find a sewing teacher for your child, this blog is a MUST READ!

Do you want your child to learn to sew, but are not up for the task of teaching them yourself? That's alright! There are many teachers out there that can do it for you. Let's start with some realistic expectations of sewing. It takes time! Your child will not learn comprehensive sewing knowledge in a summer camp, or even over the course of a few months. Sewing takes time and practice, lots of practice. Years even! Whomever you choose to teach your child, understand that it is a process only achieved over time. A good teacher is essential to this process. Let's talk about how you can spot a quality teacher, or better yet, how you can rule out teachers that just don't make the quality cut.

Look for The Big 4! 






Look for a sewing teacher that uses a proven sewing curriculum. A good curriculum is key to ensuring your child is learning the essential foundational concepts they need to be a successful sewist. A good curriculum teaches the basics AND has a clear path of progression that increases in difficulty as they continue in their knowledge and skill.


Look for a sewing teacher that has integrity. Unfortunately, there many teachers out there that lack integrity and don't honor basic pattern copyright. Sadly, this type of theft is becoming all too common in the sewing industry. These teachers will often use one pattern for multiple students (without the consent from the designer), or they trace/copy patterns for their students use. This practice is considered copyright infringement and is against the law. This puts YOU at risk of copyright infringement as well. If your child does not receive the pattern and instructions for the projects they make, it could be a sign that your teacher is infringing on copyright and is teaching her unknowing students to do the same.


Your child should receive her own patterns and instructions to keep. If the aren't, they should be. Having their own patterns and instructions is a valuable tool for that child to continue their learning at home. Patterns and instructions are also a great tool for your child to be able to reference in the future should they need to. If your child is NOT receiving patterns and instructions for (nearly all) the projects they make, copyright infringement might be taking place.

4 - PLAN

Look for a teacher that has a long term plan. If your teacher can't offer a long term plan, she probably doesn't have one. This is cause for concern. A long term plan offers your young sewist achievable goals and continued path of progression. What is the end goal and what are the milestones that will be accomplished along the way?

Now that you are familiar with the Big 4, (Curriculum, Integrity, Patterns, & Plan) start your sewing teacher search! Above all else, select a sewing teacher that you are comfortable with. One that has the spirit to inspire and the patience to walk with your child along his/her sewing journey.

Happy teacher searching! And happy sewing!


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