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AZ Approved ESA

This is a FULL CURRICULUM designed for Boys age 6-12.  No sewing experience is needed to assist your child in learning to sew. Although adult supervision is always recommended, a child can learn to sew using this curriculum with minimal assistance (depending upon age, of course). 

This Boys bundle includes:

  1. Sewing Basics Workbook: Spiral bound printed workbook. 92 full color with fun activities/lessons, charts, sewing sheets, sewing machine practice & use, sewing symbols, measuring, stitches, using supplies, flashcards, and more to teach your child to sew. The 10 Units include multiple lessons that teach the foundation of learning to sew for the school year.
  2. Boys Workbook & Patterns: This packet includes patterns and step-by-step sewing instructions. Clothing and craft projects your child can sew using his new knowledge from the Sewing Basics Workbook. Full sized patterns and full color instructions will guide your child step-by-step through each sewing project. Projects include two styles of shorts, back pack, top/shirt, and pillow. Your child will build upon previous concepts learned in the Sewing Basics Workbook while learning new concepts such as: mastering seam allowances, topstitching, elastic casings, hemming, and more! 
  3. Parent Guide: 16-page printed book with step-by-step instructions, lesson tips, and additional instruction to ensure your child's success.
  4. Online Access: You also receive online access to additional learning activities.

Fits Chest Size: 22-36 inches (56-91.5cm)

Fits Hips Size: 22-38 inches (56-96.5cm)



This is a consumable product and is designed for use by ONE individual only.

You may not copy, reproduce, share, or distribute this pattern and/or any part of this product by printing, reselling, tracing, copying, renting, leasing, lending, etc., by any means including digital or print. Copyright remains with the author(s) and is not transferred upon purchase.



Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.



Boys Sewing Curriculum Bundle (physical product)

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