Teen Sewing Pattern & Workbook: 

This workbook includes patterns and instructions by Kids Can Sew. 6 fun clothing and craft projects your teen can sew using her new knowledge from the Sewing Basics Workbook. Full sized patterns and full color instructions will guide your teen step by step through each sewing project. Projects include shirt, pants, purses, bags, and a pillow.  Approximately 28 one hour lessons. 

Parent Guide:

16 page printed guide offers sewing tips, lesson tips, and additional instruction to ensure your teen's success.

Online Access:

You also receive online access to additioanl files.

Your teen will build upon previous concepts learned in the Sewing Basics Workbook while learning new concepts such as: mastering seam allowances, topstitching, elastic casings, hemming, zippers, and more!

Fits Bust Size: 31-46 inches (78.5-117cm)

Fits Hips Size: 32-47 inches (81.5-120cm)

Teens Sewing Patterns & Workbook



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