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Sewing Basics

Sewing Basics: Where Do I Start?

Do you want to learn the basics of sewing but don't know where to start? Learn To Sew Kids is just what you need. To get started learning to sew follow the steps below:

1. Learn the Basics of Sewing

Like any skill, you need to start with the basics.  This is the very foundation that your knowledge will be built upon. Start with the Sewing Basics Curriculum Bundle

2. Learn How To Use Your Sewing Machine

Learning to properly use and operate your sewing machine is one of the basics to learning to sew. Learning know your machine operates will keep you progressing.  Selecting a Sewing Machine

3. Choose Projects Within Your Skill Level

Too often, beginners want to start with fitted clothing or other projects way beyond their skill level.  Not all projects are created for beginners.  Learn To Sew Kids creates projects based upon the skill level of what is being taught. As kids progress through the Learn To Sew Kids Curriuclum, each project builds upon previous projects and skills learned.  Learn To Sew Kids will get your child from beginner to using commercial patterns with ease.

Sewing Studio
See Sewing Basics Workbook
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