Homeschool Sewing Curriculum

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Sewing Curriculum

Sewing is FUN!

Our Homeschool Sewing Curriculum is perfect for teaching your child to sew. The learn to sew Sewing Basics Curriculum starts with the basics of sewing and introduces additional concepts as they progress through the curriculum.

Our curriculum is recommended for girls and boys ages 8+. 

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Child & Adults sizes

Sewing, Fun, and Creativity All Stitched Up Together

Can I Teach My Child?

Yes! You can teach your child to sew. When using the learn to sew sewing Sewing Basics Curriculum, teaching your child to sew is easy. Whether you have lots of sewing experience or none at all, the sewing curriculum does the work for you. The learn to sew curriculum takes your child on a fun step-by-step sewing journey as they learn to sew. Your child will start building a strong sewing foundation as they progress through the learn to sew kids sewing curriculum.


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