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boys and girls sewing curriculum for homeschool and at home learning

Homeschool Sewing Curriculum for Girls, Boys, & Teens - Ages 6+

Learn to Sew Clothing Curriculum! 
The Program for beginner sewists!

NEW!  Hand Sewing Curriculum

Hand Sewing Basics Website Image.jpg

Hand Sewing helps with creativity, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and more!

Complete workbook and Parent Guide.
Includes instructions and patterns for15 fun craft projects
 your child can hand sew. 


Great for
Ages 6+

Learn To Sew Sewing Basics.jpg

Sewing Curriculum Includes:

  1. Sewing Basics Workbook: Machine Sewing.

  2. Patterns & Workbook: CLOTHING with a few craft projects. Fun illustrated instructions for kids & parents.

  3. Parent Guide: Easy to teach and understand making it fun for both parent & child to learn!

  4. Online resources & printouts.

Learn To Sew Curriculum

For kids as young as six

Learn to sew on a sewing machine. The homeschool sewing curriculum where kids learn to sew a wearable outfit (clothing). The sewing program curriculum was designed by experts and tested in schools!

Explore the Sewing Curriculum 

It's good for the brain

girls and boys homeschools curriculum and at home learning

The Learn To Sew Kids Program is an excellent Curriculum to help you teach your child to sew. It provides basic sewing skills needed to build a strong sewing foundation. Kids will learn the necessary basics of sewing to be able to master more advanced sewing skills & techniques.

Why Learn To Sew?

Creativity Sewing Program

  • Fun & Easy To Sew Projects

  • Kids Friendly Instructions

  • Workbooks & Parent Guides

  • Promotes Creativity

Sewing Helps With:

  • Math

  • Reading

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Hand Eye Coordination & More

Incorporates STEAM

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Arts

  • Math

A Skill To Last A Lifetime

teach a child to sew girls sewing

Learn To Sew - Clothing

This is a FULL CURRICULUM designed to teach your child to sew clothes.  Although adult supervision is always recommended when sewing with children, a child can learn to sew using this curriculum with minimal assistance (depending upon age, of course).  No sewing experience is needed to assist the child in learning to sew.

Now is a great time to learn to sew. It's a skill that will stay with your child for life. Kids love to receive this fun sewing curriculum filled with activities and sewing projects to keep them busy all year.

Some craft sewing projects are also available.

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