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Fun Sewing Projects and an Interactive Sewing Curriculum for Kids!


Sewing Curriculum

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Learn To Sew Curriculum For Kids



Hand-eye Coordination

Problem Solving

Self Confidence


and FUN!

STEAM Sewing

Sewing involves the elements of STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Sewing has something to offer with each component of STEAM. That's why sewing is great for STEM/STEAM driven students.

Learn To Sew Kids provides fun interactive sewing workbooks organized into a curriculum.  Each workbook is written and designed for kids. Kids can now learn to sew at home or in a homeschool environment.

What We Do

Benefits of Sewing

Curriculum designed by experts and tested by kids!

Learn to Sew Kids Curriculum For Homeschooling

When using the learn to sew Sewing Basics Curriculum Workbook, learning to sew is just "SEW" easy. Our curriculum is perfect for use in a homeschool or simply teaching your own child or grandchild to learn to sew.  The learn to sew workbooks take your child on a fun step-by-step sewing journey as she or he learns to sew. Your child will start building a strong sewing foundation as she or he progresses through each workbook in the learn to sew curriculum.









Sewing Curriculum Fun

Our learn to sew sewing curriculum is perfect for learning to sew in your home or in your homeschool. Our curriculum is specifically designed for at home sewing. You child will love learning to sew with Learn To Sew Kids! The Learn To Sew Kids Sewing Curriculum is SEW FUN!  

Recommended for girls, boys, and teens ages 6+

The curriculum builds upon the basics of sewing


Fun Felt Hand Sewing Projects

Kids Can Make These!

Fun felt hand sewing projects are a great way to supplement the Learn To Sew Kids Curriculum.

Make one or make them all! 

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